Foreign much name ” demon Bao Kemeng ” advocate sow be suspected of a gender invading minor girl

Nathan Putnam, alias Dekadurr, be famous ” demon Bao Kemeng ” Youtube advocate sow, ever participated in the activity below the line for many times. 4 women accuse the sex that suffers him is invaded last week. A victim, this year woman of 19 years old ” Sylveon ” uploaded a paragraph of video, the name is ” should come came eventually… ” , she explained the detail at that time in video. According to introducing, she knew Putnam on the net in, as a result he is applied to her immediately pressure, those who ask for him is naked according to. What she feels Putnam is strong, also be in by him at the same time ” demon Bao Kemeng ” advocate sow the positional place in circle to threaten, what then Sylveon of 15 years old gave him to send his finally is naked according to. Putnam should be firm at that time full many years old 20. After the experience Sylveon that Sylveon invades in him complain tearfully in video by the gender takes the lead in phonating, media Kotaku was contacted again other 3 victims. Among them Caroline of a victim expresses, “I feel to want to let everybody know his grim act, it is right not only I, and it is right other a lot of people. Because he lies by the gregarious group of a lot of children players in. If we do not prevent him, this kind of thing can happen on little girl body continuously. ” Caroline still showed evidence, putnam is in ask for to her naked when illuminating, know she has 16 years old only, because her actual age manifested on the gregarious media of their communication. Another ” demon Bao Kemeng ” Youtube advocate sow Kyle McNeal, alias ” TheKingNappy ” , in incident most begin Ceng Fasheng to had boycotted Putnam, but deleted again later relevant push civil. Do those who laugh is, mcNeal also sufferred same sex invades accusation. Twitch user Callum and Youtube user GameboyLuke are mixed especially through pushing the sex of the McNeal of formal accusation experience of direct seeding invades behavior. But he accuses absolutely deny to these, express next undertaking to the case at that time is the condition that agrees in both sides. The 3rd is accused what the gender invades ” demon Bao Kemeng ” Youtube advocate sowing is the eldest sister that women does not let beard and eyebrows ” Mudkip Mama ” . Although her fame is inferior to McNeal and Putnam, but often can mix these two advocate sow a partner to make an item. She by Youtube advocate sow Patterrz to accuse the gender is invaded, the Patterrz at that time has 18 years old only. Additionally she also is in by accusation with year only girl of 15 years old ” Nikki ” sexual description is used in the dialog, nikki states Mudkip Mama understands his age at that time. After these accusation are made public, mudkip Mama had deleted the content on media of socialization of him great majority. Finally, the 4th is suspected of what the gender invades ” demon Bao Kemeng ” Youtube advocate sowing is Mizumi, he is good at making the MOD that holds the post of heaven game, include ” demon Bao Kemeng ” MOD. He is tried by accusation to in those days 14 years old, the girl that is 18 years old ” Tori ” ask for naked according to. The woman that still has to be 19 years old additionally ” Jenny ” also claim Mizumi talks about him to want to commit suicide, take only naked a bit better according to ability feeling, cheat her to send with stirred method naked according to. According to the report, mizumi had offerred the perspective treat from him to Kotaku the appearance of this thing, because,representing these news is he at that time Zhang date by pilfer. The person that the gender is invaded searchs a gender to approach a target through electronic game is not new issue any more, before a few months, ever the person that sexual is invaded tries to pass ” the night of fort ” seek the target that catch hunt, similar incident has come out on all sorts of network media sensational malign time. Do not know ” demon Bao Kemeng ” player group can have to so serious incident why to react.

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