The pen that the god comes to must not refuse to obey ” football manager Online ” 10 beautiful ball first phase

The field of vision that when the football this motion enters us when, we plaint the athletic sports that this art is like unexpectedly on the world; When the team of angle enters honorary peak, we highly praise this great club is such letting that the person is infatuate; When a goal of an unimaginably queer appears, we also are enmeshed in that mysterious hour. As football manager ONLINE (FMO of the following abbreviation) not the time that cutout archives has taken a many month, struggled to also bring an another field sumptuous dinner to everybody in the club on field. Might as well and I am one case, recall the January brigade of next FMO back and forth with 10 instants.

Door general Lazaer probably very nervous, force in adversary grab next brash bully, rubber ball comes up against full back of one’s own side the introduction rebounds on the body. Right now I want to say only, be error really is to close to pay Bao Gong the bag?

See the shoot of this one foot before large reserve, pound Huang Long continuously. I am only to say: Why one defends only wall of person of team member platoon? Is this to there is much self-confidence?

When everybody has hesitation, hesitation is not terrible, terrible is do not make choice in hesitation. Add a city serving is to have a problem, but of Yibaneisi insert quickly on the trend that decided the match. I want to ask: Didn’t the full back on the side have a meal?

If say where is? So this one ball is best explanation. The goal before much forbidden zone of triumphant a place of strategic importance results from, he passes Weierxieer, weierxieer dials Xiang Suya Rhys, revive Yaleisi fills in continuously again he.

Allegedly this summer, aerweisi imposes practice designedly bully, let us see the effect. Good, I feel this winter he even continual practices.

Say in the future to all doors, most be afraid that those who encounter is the situation of this kind of impossible to defend effectively. I do not need irruptive reserve, should give me a space that makes a motion continuously, I can reduce the competition absolutely.

What is just to cooperate? The incisively and vividly that I feel this goal is explained. Not corrupt work coordinates each other between 4 people, pour a foot to let defend for many times the real intent that the player does not know the other side, final and relaxed join a network.

The situation that such as sudden as lightning depends on namely inside before long Qi Da with a bang defeats goal of the other side suddenly, this kind of free kick that has not enough time to guard against often is the deadliest.

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