The house is the policy of housing of mutual property right that uses can reduce living cost

How to look? How dry?

2017, chinese estate goes to change truly year. Leave the times that fry a room, industry deepness is adjusted, the platoon checks key dangerous shoal, room look forward to is acuteness differentiation, lasting effect mechanism accelerates the big logic that builds Chinese estate development to be in according to the house it is the basic fixed position with what come undertakes weighing model.

Discern general trends, gift is nice fall child; Orient, force of square good hair; See clear future, walk along good instantly. ” estate of China of Chinese const上海贵族宝贝

ruction newspaper ” understand thoroughly together with delegate of industry expert scholar, enterprise change big logic, grind sentence transition great opportunity.

Beijing (building dish) city housing is urban and rural construction commission developed innovation jointly with Beijing recently appoint, land of program of Beijing Bureau of Finance, Beijing appoint draft jointly ” Beijing shares property right housing to run temporary measure ” (the following abbreviation ” method ” ) , seek an opinion publicly to the society.

In fact, housing of mutual property right上海千花网论坛

is not Beijing initiate, install does housing of mutual property right save the Huaihe River in Jiangsu since 2007 (building dish) city und爱上海龙凤419桑拿

ertakes pilot, be in later Guizhou (building dish) , Shanghai (building dish) and other places has promotion.

Does Beijing edition share property right housing to the place of what innovation there is? The State Council develops Liu Weimin of research center researcher to say, ” method ” to make the government comes true with the person that buy a house double win provided important link and medium of communication, basically reflect in 3 respects:

The first, the target is specific, basically be aimed at the group that do not have a room, and be first housing.

The 2nd, property right is clear, entirely different, each have share, undertook to public natural resources of the government bounds differentiates making clear. ” method ” put forward, portion of property right of the person that buy a house consults the project is sold all valence is occupied decide with a sector of an area, scale that is the same as price of housing of quality general goods; Portion of governmental property right, in principle is in area class generation to support orgnaization hold by the project, also can support orgnaization hold by city class generation.

The 3rd, policy has flexibility. If how buy room person future to think buying and selling shares property right housin上海夜网

g to do? According to ” method ” , obtain housing of mutual property right praedial authority proof is not full 5 years, do not allow to make over; Full 5 years, can make over place to buy share of building property right by market price case. The person that buy a house also can buy governmental share by market price case, acquire commodity housing property right. In the meantime, allow to rent housing of mutual property right, rent profit will hold the scale of portion of orgnaization property right to decide according to generation of the support of the people that buy a house. So, the commodity housing that housing of mutual property right is policy sex on particular significance.

Look in Liu Weimin, housing of mutual property right is in Beijing edition macroscopical on the effect that had dy爱上海同城手机版

namic balance.

From the point of urban progress angle, beijing should build 4 centers, retain vigor, be about to reduce living cost, so, housing of mutual property right is a kind of first-rate form.

In addition, ” method ” still put 阿拉爱上海同城

forward, in demand of housing of dweller of this locality of give attention to two or morethings while, supply to stabilizing the room source of the new Peking Man of obtain employment cannot little at 30% . Expanded to guarantee range, it is to march toward the significant move that resides somewhat. Liu Weimin says.

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