Fujian post of many main hall cadre is fluctuant appear external with new job

The reporter 上海千花网论坛

learns yesterday, near future Fujian Province has cadre of many main hall class again post happening is fluctuant, appear external with new job in succession.

On December 18, fujian Province the Women’s Federation 11 5 hold appoint (expand) the conference is held in banyan, conference vote Wu Hongqin is new allow chairman of province the Women’s Federation, liu Qunying of vice director of standing committee of Fujian Province National People’s Congress holds the position of secretary of leading Party group of province the Women’s Federation, chairman no longer. Wu Hongqin, person of Sichuan red爱上海同城论坛

arris, was born in May 1961, had the job such as a vice secretary of Zhangzhou municipal Party committee, mayor in October 2010.

Additional, because near future of Fujian Province government undertook structural reorganization, partial staff job happens adjust. If Fujian Province news gives edition bureau (province copyright bureau) as amalgamative as bureau of TV of film of Fuj上海千花网交友

ian Province broadcast, establish Fujian Province news to publish wide report bureau (increase sign of bureau of the copyright that hang a province) , new orgnaization controller already also arose. Vice-chairman of Fujian Province the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Fujian saves news to publish bureau director Home Guo Zhen to hold government 上海贵族宝贝交流区

sector post part-time no longer formerly; Fujian saves Chen Bitao of director of wide report bureau to hold the post of vice secretary of director, leading Party group formerly; Banyan of Limin of secretary of leading Party group of publication bureau of news of Fujian former province, deputy director general holds the post of secretary of leading Party group, deputy director general; The member hold the post of leading Party gro爱上海同城手机版

up to become such as money of Jiang Dade, Chen Zhong, Hu Yongxin, Zhuang Zhisong, deputy director general; Group leader of group of be careful in one’s conduct of the member that Lin Yunxing holds 阿爱上海同城

the post of leading Party group to become, record. Information of human affairs of other structural reorganization.

In addition, fujian Province hair changes appoint Lin Xineng of member of former leading Party group, vice director already director of bureau of commissariat of transfer Fujian Province, chen Zesheng of director of predecessor of bureau of Fujian Province commissariat a few days ago already hall of hall of forestry of transfer Fujian Province is long. Lin Xineng, male, was born in December 1964, go up Hangzhou person, province hair changes the Ren Fujian since November 2005 appoint member of leading Party group, vice director.

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