[the advantage that ran moves] – of effect of _ of benefit of _ of action of _ of _ ran motion

Article introduction

Ran is us of a kind of best motion in daily life, but if the word of long run is healthy to his,a lot of people feel is to have actually damage, actually this idea is completely correct, still have certain profit to ran, just be some people in ran when the true means that did not master good run at all, such word can bring about a few harms to happen, be in actually ran when need notices a lot of things, must wear ran shoe to have run for example.

What does the advantage that ran moves have

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Keep good eyesight

Run every week 35 miles (about 56 kilometers) the odds that as age growth eyesight degrades compares the person to run every week 10 miles (about 16 kilometers) the person is low 54% .

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Often blood pressure

Run every week 10 miles (about 16 kilometers) the person does not exceed 3 miles than running every week (about 4.8 kilometers) the odds that the person has high blood pressure is low 39% , the odds that has high cholesterol is low 34% .

Enhance physiology function

Weekly combustion at least 3000 kilocalorie (be equivalent to ran quantity of heat of 5 hours flaming) the person suffers from than someone else erect badly the odds of functional obstacle is low 83% .

Take exercise skeletal

In all motion having oxygen, ran is strong of skeletal action the most apparent. The researcher of university of American close cc is comparing the discovery when the bone density of ran lover and bicycle lover: The bicycle lover of 63% appears inferior vertebral with density of coxa ministry bone, and in ran lover, this one proportion1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Occupy 19% .

Thinking nimble

Researcher had an investigation for the object with a group of Englishmans, informant undertook one day taking exercise another day. The error that participator reflects those who undertake taking exercise to made that day less, attention more concentration, work efficiency is taller.

If be often go the word of ran the eyesight to oneself is very helpful, become after all oneself eyesight is met after the people growth as the age of ceaseless fall, this time can alleviate through ran this kind of state, and if often the effect that the word of ran still can achieve stable blood pressure, can have the effect of a very good auxiliary cure to the patient of a few hypertension so.

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