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Article introduction

Often move at ordinary times gymnastical friend, the method that knows athletic fitness is various, see you like which kind of methods, but to begin to learn the friend of athletic fitness is told, more apt a few simple methods, we are recommended for old furniture body now, simpler but achieved gymnastical result is better however, movement of a few fitness can be finished in the home.

What is simple gymnastical movement

The first movement: Put aside leg sit-ups

This action focal point exercises place: Epigastrium.

We are OK bedside of have the aid of, chair, height can let crus put it is OK to make the same score.

Begin the position: Lie on his back on the ground, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Parallel ground puts aside crus to go up in bedside, make ham perpendicular at the ground, two tactics can be handed in be inserted before the bosom or each other of two tactics across is held in the arms after the neck.

Behavioral course: Make two shoulders rise to genu ministry turn slowly, till humeral swollen bone leaves the area 1 ~ 2 flower when, keep dormant one second. Next, reply to begin the position. Repeat do.

Train a point: When the systole that submit form, for better make abdominal muscle group contractive, make next backs clingy the ground. CollectingA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Begin phase with what weight trains course, finishing try every time in lifting, should avoid to use jump, the movement lending strength that play.

The 2nd movement: Lie on one’s back leg go up lift

The key exercises place: Place issueing an abdomen and ham upside curved flexor group.

Same this movement is OK have the aid of arrives bedside (best edge is OK grab) on the bench of wider fact, if can be used conditionally professional inclined board, what I use in the daily life of a family is two pieces of bench go all out be together

Begin the position: Lie on his back on stool, next back are clingy stool face, two legs and approach nature unbend.

Behavioral course: Make trunk is mixed next back are clingy go up, two genu in a way bends, till two ham and trunk are become,two legs are raised up perpendicular. Next, two legs are put down slowly. HeavyShanghai Long Feng forum

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Answer do.

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Train a key: When back when face of clingy from beginning to end stool, it makes issue celiac place flesh group be in tighten up condition. If fall to the back bends or leave stool area, issue abdominal muscle with respect to meeting influence group contractive effect.

The 3rd movement: Sit type shrinks leg

Initiative pose sits in stool edge, two tactics is maintained backward go up in stool. Two legs are extended continuously ahead.

Behavioral course bend one’s knees shrinks remove crus to arrive likely apogee, straight flesh of thoroughly contractive abdomen a second, descend slowly next crus, till complete unbend, shrink when removing crus inspiratory, when descending expiratory.

Note a point: This movement is more simple and easy, its action size is carried on genu ministry completelySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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on the speed of on any account and movement. Heal slow high more more big, heal conversely small.

These gymnastical movements are very relaxed and simple, so a lot of moment, you complain you work not always also busy, go moving without time fitness, when having, you can notice, these motions that above place introduces can achieve effect of optimal motion fitnessShanghai noble baby

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If really, and these movements also are more relaxed and simple.

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