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Article introduction

Ginseng of in actual life and aweto are to belong to rarer Chinese traditional medicine material, have the effect of warm benefiting air to the body, and ginseng and aweto also can be used immerse officinal wine is drinkable, can have the effect of sanitarian preserve one’s health effectively to the body, have very big gain to the health of the body, and the method of ginseng and aweto bubble wine is very simple also, need choose and employ persons is joined and aweto and liquor immerse sealed can.

Ginseng and Chinese caterpillar fungus bubble wine

Aweto can be mixed ginseng bubbles wine


Aweto is a kind of rare Chinese traditional medicine material, its flavour pleasant, the gender is smooth, have filling kidney Zhuang Yang, filling lung makes the same score asthma, hemostatic and expectorant wait for pleasant of flavour of effect; ginseng, small suffering, the gender is lukewarm, filling gas firm is taken off, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, beneficial wisdom calms the nerves wait for effect, both property of a medicine and medical effect do not have apparent conflict, and wine sex is tepid, have announce to send the effect of medical force, one bubbly wine can strengthen aweto and ginseng its originally medical effect, can make medical effect gets better play.

Aweto ginseng wine effect

Wen Yang fills kidney

Aweto enters kidney classics, have filling kidney essence of life, strong the effect of kidney this world, the composition of polysaccharide of among them Chinese caterpillar fungus can help promotion sex function on certain level, and the active ingredient in ginseng1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Have enhance action of sexual gland functionary, so aweto ginseng wine can assist cure impotent involuntary emission, deaf tinnitus, sexual function is low coarse disease.

Make the same score asthma to relieve a cough

Aweto enters lobar classics, have filling lung energy of life, outspread bronchus, make the same score the effect of asthma, and ginseng has filling qigong effect, aweto ginseng can assist the cough expectoration that remedial lung deficiency of vital energy causes, be discouraged unwell.

Ginseng and Chinese caterpillar fungus bubble wine

Filling gas originallies

Ginseng has big filling vigor, solid takes off the effect that promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, wine of aweto ginseng bubble can assist hurried of asthma of remedial be discouraged, thirsty sweat much, feed wait for disease less feebly.

Alleviate exhaustion

The active ingredient in aweto can help the energy that strengthens put oneself in another’s position of bead of human body line, raise airframe to regain energy, alleviate fatigue, ginseng can adjust system of human body central nervous, can be restrained or excitement is neurological, the suiting that can enhance airframe to be not particularity to stimulate to everything ability, reduce fatigue feeling thereby, so aweto ginseng wine can help human body refection, alleviate human body exhaustion feels.

Raise immunity force

Aweto has immune adjustment effect, it can avoid measure of cell of epidemic disease system, organization already, stimulative antibody arises, increase gobble up, kill and wound cellular amount, enhance its function, the ginseng bine leaf in the functional; ginseng that can move cell of low certain immunity againForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The material such as black glucoside and root black glucoside can adjust airframe function, enhance airframe to be opposite the reaction ability of all sorts of harmful stimulation, so aweto ginseng wine can help the immune function that improves human body on certain level.

Step-down falls fat

The active ingredient in aweto can clear hemal, reduce hemal resistance, regain hemal flexibility, the help reduces blood pressure, still can help the cholesterol in reducing blood and glycerine the content of 3 fat, raise the content of high density lipoprotein, reduce ginseng of; of level of fat of the blood inside body to have the effect that filling gas firm takes off, OK and outspread human body is hemal, reduce hemal resistance, reduce blood pressure level thereby, so aweto wine has certain step-down to fall the effect of fat.

Aweto and ginseng bubble the concrete step of wine

Material: Aweto 10 grams, ginseng 20 grams, medlar 30 grams, liquor 1000 milliliter.

1, above medicinal material abluent, put into wine world.

2, pour liquor, sealed.

3, Queen of heaven of quiet place 15-30 can drinkable.

4, 10-20 milliliter, a day of 1-2 second, meal hind is taken.

Ginseng and Chinese caterpillar fungus bubble wine

Drink aweto ginseng wine what to should notice

1, dose shoulds not be overmuch

General proposal drinks aweto ginseng wine to drink 10-20 milliliter left and right sides, one day drinks 1-2 secondFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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With, also can increase by degrees a bit according to the depth of the chroma of alcohol or capacity for liquor or be degressive, but unfavorable excessive, because sex of aweto ginseng yeast for brewing rice wine or fermenting glutinous rice is tepid, excessive is taken may cause the symptom of suffer from excessive internal heat such as oral cavity ulcer, guttural gall.

2, unfavorable and hollow takeForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Alcohol has certain stimulative effect to intestines and stomach, hollow drink to be stimulated to intestines and stomach more very, the likelihood still can cause abdomen unwell, the symptom such as bellyacke, the proposal is unfavorable and so hollow wine of drinkable aweto ginseng.

3, do not be the same as with the turnip feed

Aweto ginseng wine has the effect of filling gas, and turnip travel is angry, both feed the effect that can reduce aweto ginseng alcoholic drink together.

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