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The quantity of heat of rice is not high, meal of a bowl of rice can achieve the quantity of heat of 232 kilocalorie about, different of course article1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The rice quantity of heat of the card is distinguished somewhat, having rice also bring about get fat easily, say to want to understand how to have rice so, ability avoids get fat quite. Rice as far as possible littleLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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A few tie-inner too fat with the food with exorbitant quantity of heat. When having rice, match as far as possible with food grains other than wheat and rice of a few food crops, such quantity of heat are met a few lower.

 The quantity of heat of meal of a bowl of rice

The quantity of heat of meal of a bowl of rice

A bowl of rice makes an appointment with 232 kilocalorie quantity of heat. 1000 beautiful community of ShanghaiShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Because the rice breed of each family expenses is endless identical, grain of rice goes up oestrus condition is different, what the preference has rice is soft hard different, more or less does the water that adds so differ, because this uses the rice with good evaporate to say to be calculated again,quantity of heat is not quite accurate, or have common sense not quite, just allow relatively with computation giving birth to rice truly.

Have rice true meeting get fat?

Cause fat the most important principle is, the quantity of heat that takes the quantity of heat that go in to be dropped than using up is much. Rice besides containing carbohydrate, still have very a few protein, low adipose content, quantity of heat is so low.

Not purificatory corn for example meal of food grains other than wheat and rice of coarse rice, plumule rice, 5 rice, food crops, add nut to plant the rice of subclass, still contain material of rich and prandial fiber, vitamin, mineral, phytochemistry for example different yellow ketone. Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Right amount have rice and won’t cause fat, food of high oily high in syrup ability is easy and fat.

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So look rice follows fat do not have too much connection really, how to eat rice ability to reduce caloric to absorb?

 The quantity of heat of meal of a bowl of rice

One, rice is put cool eat

Rice is put cool hind, amylaceous molecular structure can produce change, ageing hair is good, the fighting that generation is digested not easily to absorb by human body the gender is amylaceous. It is a bowl of rice together, the body is absorbed become little, the quantity of heat that absorb also becomes little, be helpful for naturally reducing weight.

2, rice eats finally

Rice basically offers carbohydrate, cause blood sugar easily to rise. Particularly hollow when eating, not only can involuntary ground eats much, still can make blood sugar rises quickly, exciting human body secretes overmuch insulin, promote the adipose accumulation inside body thereby, cause get fat.

Be opposite to defer blood sugar to rise quickly the bad influence of airframe, can choose to put rice finally to eat, eat not easily also right now much, helpful also to controlling weight.

 The quantity of heat of meal of a bowl of rice

3, rice collocation eats

The careful rise that we have usually, it is a course be machined subtly and become, nutrient composition is reduced greatly, the vitamin B that promotes metabolism especially a group of things with common features. So, let rice is tie-in other edibles simultaneously, can achieve nutrition already balanced, also can reduce food quantity of heat, still can reduce weight!

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