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Below normal circumstance, everybody likes to eat fresh meat, but because of various reasons, for instance to store longer time, must eat aspic meat so, actually everybody eats aspic meat via regular meeting in the life, flesh eating aspic has a lot of to pay attention to, for instance1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Aspic is to have cultured before cold storage, be in additionally before making, want to master accurate defrost method, so what to often eat aspic flesh to you can have to endanger?

Often eat aspic flesh what to disadvantage there is?

Often eat aspic flesh what to disadvantage there is?

Refrigerant food is very common in diet, at ordinary times a lot of people can buy aspic pork, basically be the time that aspic flesh saves grows quite, especially those are compared at ordinary times busy, not too1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The person that much time goes often buying food may eat aspic meat the meeting is more, although say aspic flesh is convenient, but often eating aspic meat is bad, it is harmful to human body.

1, quicken consenescence

The low temperature of freezer compartment can prevent bacterial proliferation, but cannot prevent completely adipose the oxidation with protein, the bad that also cannot prevent the flesh completely to pledge changes.

Because oxidation reacts, long the lean lean color of aspic can become from red gradually Brown, fat can be sent gradually yellow, not only gust becomes poor, still can produce the adipose oxidation product that quickens human body consenescence.

2, increase odds contracting cancer

A lot of bacteria are contained in overdue refrigerant flesh, even some subtle helminth also can be inside, these are insalubrious, the refrigerant pork that long-term edible expires can bring about the immune force of person oneself to drop, still can raise cancer machine rate even.

Often eat aspic flesh what to disadvantage there is?

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3, bring about diarrhoea

According to clinical statistic, ill patient of inflammation sex bowel counts year after year to rise, among them about 3 express to ever had appeared into the patient food has deposited circumstance of kick one’s heels in freezer.

4, vitamin loss is big

Long aspic flesh not only mouthfeel is poor, if protein produces oxidation, return meeting entail amino acid is decomposed. Refrigerant time is longer, the loss of the vitamin is bigger, especially vitamin of B a group of things with common features.

5, 4 contraindication eating the meat

(1) must not have diseaseShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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To death pork

The pork of die in one’s bed often is taken cause disease microbial, and get extremely easily harmful microbial pollution, put possibly even in sealed poison, domestic cooking exterminates a bacteria hard.

Go normal supermarket and free market of agricultural products are bought, not anxious to get things on the cheap is boughtShanghai night net

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Those are apparent the flesh under market price case kind, OK utmost ground avoids to buy pork of die in one’s bed.

Often eat aspic flesh what to disadvantage there is?

(2) do not eat burn the exceeding that boil the flesh

In 200 ~ the temperature of 300 Celsius falls, the flesh kind Zuo of the amino acid in food, flesh acid, candy and harmless compound can produce chemical reaction, form aromatics amine base. Aromatics amine base contain 12 kinds of compound, among them 9 kinds have the effect that cause cancer.

(3) do not eat salty pork of high temperature deepfry

Bacon contains saltpetre, after deepfry panbroils, can produce carcinogenic substance inferior nitro- pyrrole alkyl. When waiting for food because of this edible salty fish, bacon, banger, ham, avoid decoct blast.

(4) after defrost of avoid by all means again refrigerant

Defrost flesh kind when, had better shift to an earlier date from freezer refrigerant layer is taken out, one night is put in safe, natural cold storage changes aspic, gust and bovril loss are least, but turn the fear after aspic 2 times refrigerant. Freeze repeatedly the word of be in harmony, bacterial breed will become more mad.

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