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Makings of hemp hot barbecue is to show a kind of flavoring can be used make barbecue pork kind or hotpot is strung together etc, also can use barbecue vegetable to wait, very delicate and goluptious, and mouthfeel is first-rate, have the taste with hemp hot sweet delicacy, get of contemporary crowd love, and the recipe that hemp hot barbecue expects also has a lot of kinds, different burden has different mouthfeel, can undertake tie-in edible according to his taste be fond of.

 Encyclopedia of recipe of makings of hemp hot barbecue

Encyclopedia of recipe of makings of hemp hot barbecue

Barbecue condiment is to use barbecue flesh to string together, gallinaceous wing, pork chop, beefsteak, the chicken that bake, roast duck, and vegetable the special dressing that wait. Barbecue condiment is main by a lot of kinds natural the pulverous shape mixture that sweet laborious makings is machined subtly via a variety of craft and becomes. Can the fishy smell in purify raw material, return the mouthfeel that can add a product and fragrance. Barbecue condiment can be divided for barbecue souse makings and barbecue spillage. Bake when making provision, expect with barbecue souse first the flesh kind or after vegetable undertakes souse a few hours, be in directly barbecue of oven, oven, aspirant travel, fast ripe when brush barbecue spillage above, suchForum of Shanghai night net

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Bake the food gust that come out distinctive, the flesh is qualitative delicious.


Barbecue condiment bases is salt, candy, gourmet powder, chili, a thousand li flower of grass of sweet, platoon, clever grass, the flower bud of lily magnolia, cassia twig, costusroot, agalloch eaglewood, fruit of citron or trifoliate orange, Zi like that, the Chinese traditional medicine such as licorice, sarcocarp, 3 Nai, Asian puccoon, ginkgo flavor, still added the flesh to reform character1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Agent, add content of the popular medicine, agent that add flavor, yeasty extraction, opium poppy to extract content (good fire plan) etc

 Encyclopedia of recipe of makings of hemp hot barbecue

10 kinds bake sauce

Carrot sauce

— carrot mud adds a few soy, chicken broth, salt, lemon juice, moderate of consistency of gourmet powder modulation can.

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Fabaceous sauce

— wine of feed in raw material of ripe beans sauce, candy, lemon juice, ginger end modulation.


— tomato sand department adds chili oil, soy, salt, chicken broth modulation.

A sweet sauce made of fermented flour

— a sweet sauce made of fermented flour adds chili oil, soy, white sugar, lemon juice modulation.

Barbecue sauce

 Encyclopedia of recipe of makings of hemp hot barbecue
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— soy 2 big teaspoon, white sugar, rice wine, rock candy each 1 teaspoon, bavin milt, dry kelp, Jiang Fenge 2 teaspoon.

Hemp thick chili sauce

— cup of lemon juice 1/4, ketchup 2 big teaspoon, sauce of chili oil, pepper, black pepper each 1 small spoon, end of oyster sauce, chili, yellow rice or millet wine, brown sugar each 1 big teaspoon, teaspoon of garlic powder 1/2.

Smoked plum sauce

— smoked plum 3, smoked plum confiture, saccharic each 2 teaspoon, white vinegar 1 teaspoon.


— appleForum of Shanghai night net

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1 (go nucleus, hit into sauce shape) , cider 1/2 cup, white vinegar 1 teaspoon, teaspoon of mustard sauce 1/2, honey, onion each 1 teaspoon, peppery and salt, right amount.

Sauce of the five flavors

— soy, balm, black vinegar, white vinegar each 2 teaspoon, ketchup

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